About Us

As a mother of two, the concept of Bebe Grey was created after I had spent many years in search of neutral clothes for my children. I have always gravitated towards neutral, classic colours - not only with my own wardrobe, but this extended into my home, lifestyle and then more recently my children's wardrobes.

When my daughter was born in 2014, I found I was often shopping in the boys sections to find black shoes and tops. My son was born in 2019 and although it was easier to find solid colours for him, I had to visit many stores to find the pieces I was often looking for. 

Bebe Grey's mission is to bring style and neutral fashion to parents in search of minimalist designs for their tiny tots. 

*As of January 2021, Bebe Grey will be doing an overhaul of the products we sell. When we launched in July 2020, we wanted to offer stylish, neutral clothing at affordable prices. What we quickly realized is that in order to have all of these elements, while also ensuring the quality was high, there was something that needed to be compromised. In our case, in order to provide affordable clothing we decided to sell product that we did not physically keep on location (and instead shipped from a large wholesale distribution centre in Asia). What we found is that while these items were more affordable, they were not completely in line with the brand we were looking to create. 

Given this and some of the feedback received, we have decided to reinvent and focus on offering fashionable, neutral, high quality and ethical products that ship from our current location in Ontario, Canada (there will be a handful of products with exceptions to this). Naturally, this means as we make this transition, the price points of our products will change. 

We appreciate all of the feedback we have received from customers so far and we look forward to continuing this growth and journey with you!